To further its mission and provide services relevant to its global community, GWG oversees a consortium of ten ministries and nonprofits that offer a variety of services. Below, you will find a list of the services that we offer next to the ministry that oversees it:

What We Do

Since 1947, prayer has been and continues to be the heart of this ministry. Thus, the GWG Global Prayer Network was established to meet the needs of believers who desire to experience the power of prayer. The GWG Prayer Network oversees global GWG Prayer Requests.  Learn More

Provides clothing for those in need, particularly victims of house fires and those suffering catastrophic loss in the U.S. and abroad. For more information, Learn More

Founded in 2004 by Dr. Renee Lewis, The FTFPC was established to promote the educational "first things" such as literacy and academic excellence. It oversees the publication and distribution of Dr. Renee Lewis's My Official School Book.
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Established in 2005 by Dr. Renee Lewis as a non-profit program of  The First Things Foundation for Positive Change. Bella Bella specializes in the sale of antiques and vintage wares. All proceeds are used to support GWG Ministries.
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The opportunity to fellowship has provided the foundation for Praise and Worship, Testimony Services, Training, Evangelism, Outreach, Revival and Spiritual enrichment and renewal. GWG Fellowship oversees the fellowship services.
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Established to commemorate the historic legacy of begun in 1947 by the late Pastor Buford Shaw & Evangelist Rival Shaw. It oversees the preservation and cataloging of The Shaw Temple Multimedia Archives Collection. For more information,
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Since 1947, the Benevolent Fund has provided thousands upon thousands of individuals and families in need with financial assistance. Today, the tradition continues.
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Since 1947, the GWG Food Bank has provided millions of meals, food baskets, food boxes to individuals and families in need throughout Tullahoma, Manchester and the surrounding counties. The GWG Food Bank oversees the GWG Turkey Give-A-Way during the holidays. Learn More

The GWG Licensing Board holds the power to confer ministerial licenses It oversees the ordination and licensing process for those pursuing a position in ministry.
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​GoodWorks Global Publishing produces various types of literature designed to inspire personal growth, biblical study and inspire spiritual growth. GWG Publishing oversees the publication of works ranging from articles and books to study guides and digital resources. 

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